Dr. alex guebert


Founder   |   Doctor of Chiropractic



Dr. Guebert is originally from the small town of Modoc, IL. After graduating from Red Bud High School, he decided to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Physiology at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale.

Throughout his studies, Dr. Guebert developed a deep appreciation for the amazing complexity of the human body. With this appreciation and the desire to positively influence the lives of others, he decided to attend Logan University and become a Chiropractor.

Through Logan, Dr. Guebert earned a second Bachelor’s degree in Life Science and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Furthermore, Dr. Guebert developed an understanding of the body’s fascinating potential to heal and maintain itself.

Now, it is his mission and pleasure to bring quality Chiropractic care to everyone in the office.



Southern Illinois University – Carbondale   |   Bachelor’s Degree in Physiology
Logan University   |   Doctor of Chiropractic



When he is not taking care of people in the office, Dr. Guebert can be found outdoors, spending time with family, or riding his motorcycle.

Brenda jones


Administrative Assistant



Brenda grew up in Springfield, MO and raised 2 children there. She has since had the pleasure of taking care of 2 granddaughters as well! Brenda also went to college in Springfield, where she received her degree as a medical assistant. 



Brenda lives in Troy with her fiancé and 2 dogs. She enjoys cooking, riding the Harley, hiking, biking, and camping. Above all else, she enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.